Paraplatin 150 mg Injection

Paraplatin ( carboplatin ) is a prescription drug from Bristol Myers Squibb for treatment of  treatment of ovarian cancer that has spread beyond the ovaries in combination with other approved chemotherapy drugs. Paraplatin is also indicated for palliative treatment in patients with ovarian cancer that has recurred after therapy with other drugs.

Most common side effect from Paraplatin ( Carboplatin ) is reduction in red blood cell counts (anemia) and platelets, which may be severe enough to require transfusions. A reduction in white blood cell counts may cause infections to occur. Allergic reactions may occur and may be severe. Other common side effects are nausea, vomiting,hair loss, pain, weakness  and nervous system damage

You should avoid becoming pregnant prior to or during your paraplatin treatment. Tell your doctor immediately if you are planning to become pregnant while taking paraplatin injection.