Thiocolchicoside  Injection 4 mg  is a muscle relaxant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.It acts as a competitive GABA receptor antagonist and also glycine receptor antagonist with similar potency and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors to a much lesser extent. It has powerful convulsant activity and should not be used in seizure-prone individuals.

There are many generic manufacturers in India who manufacture Thiocolchicoside  Injection 4 mg including Zydus Synovia (Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd)  etc.

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Additional Information

Thiocolchicoside is broken down in the body to a metabolite called 3-demethythiocolchicine (also known as SL59.0955 or M2) that could damage dividing cells therefore inducing toxicity in the embryo, neoplastic changes and fertility reduction in males. Therefore recommended oral dose should not exceed 7 days and intramuscular dose duration should not exceed 5 days.

Side Effects

Side effect of thiocolchicoside can include



allergy and

vasovagal reactions.

Although muscle relaxant have major side effect of Sedation, but Thiocholchicoside is free from sedation effect possible due to non-interference with nicotinic receptors.

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