All over the world, there are millions of patients that need special medicines and drugs, orphan drugs, or unlicensed drugs. We are a WHO-GSDP certified exporter who can provide patients quick access to their medicines.

Named patient medicine lets doctors and their patients get access drugs that have not yet been approved for marketing by healthy authorities in their countries. However, government provisions grant access to such drugs to patients who need these. We use our extensive network and expert team to export innovative drugs, which can be hard to access, to doctors and patients.

Why Choose 3S Corporation


We follow legally approved and stringent processes, including obtaining no objection certificates from drugs authorities and customs, to supply drugs to doctors, patients, and hospitals in various countries across the world.


We can procure medicines from reputed manufacturers in over 40 countries and deliver them to over 180 countries.


We have the expert and experienced team and operational excellence needed to ensure that the integrity of the drug is protected from the time that it is procured to the point that it is delivered.

If you are a patient or a doctor or any other approved entity that can receive the medicine, note the following process:

  • To obtain a drug, contact us and send us a request.
  • W process the request and verify the prescription.
  • Next, we identify the best source for the drug.
  • Once the drug is procured, we ensure timely dispatch and delivery.

Get in touch today to request an investigational drug or any other medicine