Bicalutamide Tablets, USP 50 mg are an androgen receptor inhibitor indicated for use in combination therapy with a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) analog for the treatment of Stage D2 metastatic carcinoma of the prostate.Treatment with bicalutamide should be started at least 3 days before commencing treatment with an LHRH analogue, or at the same time as surgical castration.

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Additional Information

The recommended dose for Bicalutamide Tablets, USP therapy in combination with an LHRH analog is one 50 mg tablet once daily (morning or evening).The tablets should be swallowed whole with liquid.

Side Effects

Body as a Whole: neoplasm; neck pain; fever; chills; sepsis; hernia; cyst

Cardiovascular: angina pectoris; congestive heart failure; myocardial infarct; heart arrest; coronary artery disorder; syncope

Digestive: melena; rectal hemorrhage; dry mouth; dysphagia; gastrointestinal disorder; periodontal abscess; gastrointestinal carcinoma

Metabolic and Nutritional: edema; BUN increased; creatinine increased; dehydration; gout; hypercholesteremia

Musculoskeletal: myalgia; leg cramps

Nervous: hypertonia; confusion; somnolence; libido decreased; neuropathy; nervousness

Respiratory: lung disorder; asthma; epistaxis; sinusitis

Skin and Appendages: dry skin; alopecia; pruritus; herpes zoster; skin carcinoma; skin disorder

Special Senses: cataract specified

Urogenital: dysuria; urinary urgency; hydronephrosis; urinary tract disorder

Severe hepatic changes and hepatic failure have been observed rarely. Monitor serum transaminase levels prior to starting treatment with Bicalutamide Tablets, USP, at regular intervals for the first four months of treatment and periodically thereafter, and for symptoms or signs suggestive of hepatic dysfunction. Use Bicalutamide Tablets, USP with caution in patients with hepatic impairment.

Pack Size

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