Clarithromycin contains the active substance clarithromycin, which belongs to a group of medicines called‘ macrolide antibiotics’. These are used to kill bacteria or ‘germs’ that cause infections. Clarithromycin is used whenever an intravenous (injection into a vein) antibiotic isrequired to treat severe infections or alternatively if a patient is unable to swallow clarithromycin tablets. It is used to treat infectionssuch as a flare-up of chronic bronchitis caused by bacteria, infection of the lungs(pneumonia) caused by bacteria , infection of the sinuses(sinusitis) caused by bacteria , infection of the throat and tonsils (pharyngitis and tonsillitis) caused by bacteria , skin and tissue infections caused by bacteria.

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Additional Information

Treatment with intravenous clarithromycin should be between 2 to 5 days. The patientshould then be switched to oral clarithromycin when necessary. The total treatment period should not exceed more than 14 days. The usual duration of treatment is 6 to 14 days.

Side Effects

Common side effects

Oral candidiasis(fungal infection of the mouth), headache, altered sense ofsmell , phlebitis(inflammation of vein) , nausea (feeling sick) , vomiting (being sick) , diarrhoea , dyspepsia (indigestion) ,abdominal pains , discolouration of teeth and tongue (reversible) , glossitis(inflammation or infection of tongue) , stomatitis(inflammation of the mouth), taste disorders , tendernessorpainatsiteofinjection , increased blood levels of breakdown product of proteins.

Uncommon side effects

Leucopoenia (low levels of white blood cells – detected during a blood test) , allergic reactions (ranging from skin rash and hives to severe anaphylactic reactions) , hepatic dysfunction (liver problems) usually reversible and temporary , hepatitis (liver inflammation) , cholestasis (liver/gall bladder disorders) , jaundice , joint pains , muscle pain , increased prothrombin time (the time taken for blood to clot is increased) , increased plasma creatinine levels (raised levels of proteins excreted by the kidneys) , increased liver transaminases levels(raised levels of liver enzymes – detected during a blood test.

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