Colistimethate sodium injection contains colistimethate sodium. It is an antibiotic that fights serious bacterial infections, especially chest infections and infections of the urinary tract. Colistimethate sodium is used when other more common antibiotics no longer work or cannot be used.

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Additional Information

This medicine does not require any special storage conditions. Colistimethate sodium contains no preservatives. Once prepared, Colistimethate sodium should be used immediately.

Side Effects

Colistimethate sodium can sometimes cause allergic reactions like skin rash or red and lumpy skin rash, swollen eyelids, face, lips, mouth or tongue, itching, difficulty breathing or swallowing. If this happens,  Colistimethate sodium treatment should be stopped immediately. Colistimethate sodium can also affect your kidneys, especially if the dose is high.

Very common side effects (affecting more than 1 person in 10)are:

• headache

• tingling or numbness around the mouth, lips and face

• itching

• muscle weakness

Rare side effects (affecting less than 1 person in 1 000):

• kidney failure

Other side effects can include:

• dizziness

• difficulty in controlling movements

• soreness at the site of injection

Pack Size

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