Flexbumin also known as Albumin is a plasma protein which  works by increasing plasma volume or albumin level in the blood during surgery, dialysis, abdominal infections, liver failure, pancreatitis, bypass surgery and many other conditions. It is used to replace blood loss due to trauma or any other injuries that caused blood loss.

Manufacturer : Baxter India Pvt Ltd


Strengths available :  25% 50 mL & 25% 100 mL

Storage :  Store at temperature below 30°C . Do not freeze

Dosage :  


The management of hypovolaemic shock usually requires the IV infusion of at least Albumin-Human 20% 1 L into an average adult patient.

The total volume required cannot be accurately predicted, since it depends on such factors as the initial extracellular fluid volume deficit and the continuing rate of fluid loss.

Hypoproteinaemia in the Acutely Ill Patient :

The usual daily dose is Albumin-Human 20% 50-75 g (Albumex 20 250-375 mL). The rate of administration should not exceed 2 mL/min, as more rapid infusion may precipitate circulatory overload and pulmonary oedema.

The infusion of Albumex 20 is not justified in hypoproteinaemic states associated with chronic cirrhosis, malabsorption, protein losing enteropathies, pancreatic insufficiency or undernutrition.

Shock : The dose should be determined by the patient’s condition and response to treatment. The usual initial dose of Albumin-Human 20% 20 g (Albumex 20 100 mL) may be administered as a blood volume expander at a rate of 2-4 mL/min.

The rate of infusion may be increased in emergencies and repeated in 15-30 min, if necessary. The total dose should not exceed the level of albumin found in the normal individual ie, about 2 g/kg bodyweight in the absence of active bleeding.

If concentrated albumin (>5%) is given, it should be accompanied by the IV infusion of a crystalloid solution. Failure to supply this additional fluid may lead to dehydration of the tissues.

The precise nature and strength of the crystalloid solution will depend on the requirements of the patient for electrolytes and fluid.

Burns : The usual dose is Albumin-Human 20% 20-80 g (Albumex 20 100-400 mL) given daily at the rate of about 1 mL/min.

Beyond 24 hrs, Albumex 20 can be used to maintain plasma colloid osmotic pressure.

A reasonable goal is the maintenance of a plasma albumin concentration of 25 g/L or a colloid osmotic pressure of 20 mmHg. The continuing need for albumin is occasioned by losses from denuded areas and decreased albumin synthesis.


Most common side effects are Hypersensitivity reaction, pulmonary edema, weak or shallow breathing, throbbing headache, anxiety, confusion, sweating, pale skin, nausea, vomiting


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