Hydroxyurea Capsules USP 500 mg  is an antineoplastic agent,Significant tumor response to hydroxyurea capsules, USP has been demonstrated in melanoma, resistant chronic myelocytic leukemia, and recurrent, metastatic, or inoperable carcinoma of the ovary.Hydroxyurea used concomitantly with irradiation therapy is intended for use in the local control of primary squamous cell (epidermoid) carcinomas of the head and neck, excluding the lip.

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Additional Information

To minimize the risk of dermal exposure, always wear impervious gloves when handling bottles containing HYDROXYUREA capsules. HYDROXYUREA capsules should not be opened. Personnel should avoid exposure to crushed or opened capsules. If contact with crushed or opened capsules occurs, wash immediately and thoroughly.

Side Effects

Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:

  • fever, chills, body aches, flu symptoms, sores in your mouth and throat;
  • easy bruising, unusual bleeding (nose, mouth, vagina, or rectum), purple or red pinpoint spots under your skin;
  • pale skin, feeling light-headed or short of breath, rapid heart rate, trouble concentrating;
  • skin redness, skin ulcers.

Pack Size

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