Isoflurane ,a nonflammable liquid administered by vaporizing, is a general inhalation anaesthetic drug. It is 1-chloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl difluoromethyl ether.Isoflurane is a clear, colorless, stable liquid containing no additives or chemical stabilizers. Isoflurane has a mildly pungent, musty, ethereal odor.Isoflurane maintains general anaesthesia by depression of the central nervous system and resultant loss of consciousness.

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Additional Information

As ISOFLURANE has a mild pungency, inhalation should usually be preceded by the choice of a short-acting barbiturate, or other intravenous induction agent, to prevent coughing. Salivation and coughing may be troublesome in small children induced with Isoflurane. Alternatively, ISOFLURANE with oxygen or an oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture may be administered. It is recommended that induction with ISOFLURANE be initiated at a concentration of 0.5%. Concentrations of 1.5-3.0% usually produce surgical anaesthesia in 7- 10 minutes.

Side Effects

Increasing depth of anesthesia with Isoflurane may increase hypotension and respiratory depression. The electroencephalographic pattern associated with deep anesthesia is characterized by burst suppression, spiking, and isoelectric periods.

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