Isoxsuprine   is a beta adrenoceptor agonist with selectivity of action for the smooth muscles of the blood vessels, particularly the cerebral vessels and the deeper vessels of the limbs. In higher doses, isoxsuprine has a relaxant action on the smooth muscles of the uterus. Isoxsuprine also has a beneficial effect on blood viscosity. Isoxsuprine  Injection 5 mg / ml is used in treatment of Circulatory disturbances and Uterine hypermotility .Each solution for injection (IM or IV) contains isoxsuprine hydrochloride 10mg/2ml.

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Additional Information

Isoxsuprine is contraindicated following recent arterial hemorrhage, in patients with known heart disease, or in severe anemia. It should not be administered parenterally to patients with hypotension, tachycardia, premature detachment of the placenta or immediately postpartum.

Side Effects

Occasional transient palpitations, fall in blood pressure or dizziness have been noted, particularly with parenteral use. These can be controlled by dosage reduction.
A slight increase in the rate of the fetal heart-beat has been noted when isoxsuprine has been given by intravenous infusion in premature labor. Rarely, skin rashes have been associated with its use.

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