Lyophilized Carboplatin injection 150mg & 450 mg is used in initial treatment of advanced ovarian carcinoma in combination with other chemotherapy agents and secondary treatment for palliative treatment of patients with ovarian carcinoma recurrent after prior chemotherapy.

There are many generic manufacturers in India who manufacture Lyophilized Carboplatin injection 150mg & 450 mg  including United Biotech Ltd etc.

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Additional Information

Reconstituted solution of Lyophilized Carboplatin injection is stable for 8 h at controlled room temperature (77°F). Reconstituted solution does not contain a preservative and any unused solution must be discarded 8 h after reconstitution. Do not save any unused solution for future use. Carboplatin aqueous solution multidose vials are stable at room temperature (77°F) for up to 14 days following initial needle entry.

Side Effects


CV events (11%); fatal CV events including cardiac failure, embolism, cerebrovascular accidents (less than 1%); hypertension .


Asthenia (23%); peripheral neuropathies including mild paresthesias (6%); central neurotoxicity (5%); ototoxicity (1%); malaise .


Alopecia (3%).


Reversible vision loss.


Sodium loss (47%); magnesium loss (43%); calcium loss (31%); potassium loss (28%).


Nausea and vomiting (92%); vomiting (81%); other GI side effects (21%); anorexia.


Elevated BUN (22%); elevated serum creatinine (10%).


Elevated alkaline phosphatase (37%); elevated AST (19%); elevated bilirubin (5%).


Anemia (90%); leukopenia (85%); neutropenia (67%); thrombocytopenia (62%); infections, bleeding (5%).


Allergic reaction (2%).


Pain, redness, swelling.


Respiratory (6%).


Pain (23%); mucositis (1%).

Pack Size

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