Mabthera also known  as Rituximab is a anti-cancer medicine manufactured by Roche. In India, it is also known as Ristova

How MabThera works?

MabThera (Rituximab) locks onto a protein called CD20, which is found on the surface of white blood cells called B-lymphocytes or B-cells. This triggers the body’s immune system to attack the cells and destroy them.

As well as being found on the surface of normal B-cells, CD20 is also present on most of the abnormal B-cells which occur in many types of non‑Hodgkin lymphoma and on some of the abnormal B-cells found in CLL.

MabThera (Rituximab) destroys both abnormal (malignant) and normal B-cells. However, the body can replace normal B-cells that are damaged so their numbers recover once treatment is over.


MabThera (Rituximab) is used to treat several types of non‑Hodgkin lymphoma. It may also be used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. It is often given in combination with chemotherapy| but may be given on its own.

MabThera (Rituximab)may also be given to people with follicular lymphoma| who have no signs of cancer at the end of their treatment (remission). The aim is to keep the lymphoma away for as long as possible.This is called maintenance therapy and is given every three months, for up to two years.

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