Megestrol Acetate Tablets USP 40 mg Megestrol Acetate Tablets USP is a synthetic, antineoplastic and progestational drug.

Megestrol Acetate Tablets USP are indicated for the palliative treatment of advanced carcinoma of the breast or endometrium (i.e., recurrent, inoperable, or metastatic disease). It should not be used in lieu of currently accepted procedures such as surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

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Additional Information

Dose for breast Cancer: 160 mg/day (40 mg qid).

Dose for Endometrial Carcinoma: 40 to 320 mg/day in divided doses.

At least 2 months of continuous treatment is considered an adequate period for determining the efficacy of Megestrol Acetate Tablets USP.

Side Effects

Weight Gain

Weight gain is a frequent side effect of megestrol acetate. This gain has been associated with increased appetite and is not necessarily associated with fluid retention.

Thromboembolic Phenomena

Thromboembolic phenomena including thrombophlebitis and pulmonary embolism (in some cases fatal) have been reported.

Other Adverse Reactions

Heart failure, nausea and vomiting, edema, breakthrough menstrual bleeding, dyspnea, tumor flare (with or without hypercalcemia), hyperglycemia, glucose intolerance, alopecia, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome, mood changes, hot flashes, malaise, asthenia, lethargy, sweating and rash.

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