Nicorandil  Injection 2 mg / 12 mg  is a vasodilatory drug used to treat angina so Nicorandil is an anti – anginal  medication that has the dual properties of a nitrate and K+ATP channel agonist. In humans, the nitrate action of nicorandil dilates the large coronary arteries at low plasma concentrations.At high plasma concentrations nicorandil reduces coronary vascular resistance, which is associated with increased K+ATP channel opening.This medicine alleviates the burden of heart by dilating vessels and improves the symptoms of heart failure. It is usually used to treat unstable angina pectoris and acute heart failure.

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Additional Information

In Angina pectoris: In general, inject with intravenous infusion.

In Heart failure: In general, inject continuously and intravenously. The treatment period with this medicine depends on  response to the treatment.

Side Effects

Flushing, palpitations,weakness and vomiting. More recently, perianal, ileal and peristomal ulceration has been reported as a side effect.Other side effects include severe toothache, and nasal congestion.

Pack Size

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