Prezista is a drug used to treat patients suffering from HIV. To buy Prezista or to know its price contact 3S Corporation.

Manufacturer : Janssen


Strengths available300 mg

Form : Tablets

Dosage : NOTE: The given dosage is for 800 mg – The recommended oral dose of PREZISTA is 800 mg (two 400 mg tablets or 8 mL of the oral suspension) taken with ritonavir 100 mg (one 100 mg tablet/capsule or 1.25 mL of a 80 mg/mL ritonavir oral solution) once daily and with food.

Storage : Store at 25C

Is the medicine FDA  approved : Yes



Common side effects are Blurred vision, dry mouth, flushed, dry skin, fruit-like breath odor, increased hunger, increased thirst, increased urination, skin rash, sweating, troubled breathing, unexplained weight loss, unusual tiredness or weakness.


Bottle of 120 Tablets

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