Rabipur is a Powder and solvent for solution for injection Rabies vaccine, inactivated

Pharmaceutical Form :

Powder and solvent for solution for injection. A clear colourless solution results after reconstitution of the white freeze-dried powder with the clear and colourless solvent.

Clinical Particulars:

(Therapeutic indicationsa) Pre-exposure prophylaxis (before possible risk of exposure to rabies)b) Post-exposure prophylaxis (after known or possible exposure to rabies)Consideration should be given to national and/or WHO guidance regarding the prevention of rabies.
Posology and method of administration Posology. The recommended single intramuscular dose is 1 ml in all age groups.Whenever possible according to vaccine availability, it is recommended that one type of cell culture vaccine should be used throughout the course of pre- or post-exposure immunisation. However, adherence to the recommended schedules is of critical importance for post-exposure prophylaxis, even if another type of cell culture vaccine has to be used.

What RABIPUR looks like ?

Each pack of RABIPUR contains

• one vial of vaccine powder

• one ampoule of sterile water forinjections

•one disposable syringe.

Your doctor will inject the sterilewater into the vial to make the liquidfor your injection. This liquid is clearand colourless.IngredientsVaccineActive ingredients:• Not less than 2.5 InternationalUnits of inactivated Rabies virus(Flury LEP strain)

Other ingredients:• Trometamol• Sodium chloride• Disodium edetate• Monopotassium glutamate• Polygeline• Sucrose• Possible trace amounts:neomycin, chlortetracycline,amphotericin BDiluent• Water for InjectionsThe manufacture of this productincludes exposure to bovine derivedmaterials. No evidence exists thatany case of vCJD (considered to bethe human form of bovinespongiform encephalitis) has resultedfrom the administration of anyvaccine product.Contains no antimicrobial agent.Product is for single use in onepatient only. Discard any residue.

Manufactured by : Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics GmbH

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