Tetracycline is a prescription drug used in Dogs and Cats to treat susceptible bacterial infections due to other susceptible organisms. Ophthalmic tetracycline is used to treat Chlamydial, Mycoplasma, and non-specific conjunctivitis in the cat. To buy Tetracycline or to know its price contact 3S Corporation.

Manufacturer : Intervet Indian Pvt Ltd


Strengths available50 mg

Form :Powder

Dosage : As prescribed by your Veterinarian


Side effects due to oral tetracycline use are generally related to GI tract. These include nausea, anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea.Cats may not tolerate oral tetracycline as well as dogs. Cats may also develop fever, abdominal pain, hair loss, and depression.Systemic use of tetracycline antibiotics may be associated with increased photosensitivity and, rarely, with urolith formation, blood dyscrasias, and hepatotoxicity.


A pack of 100 g

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