Vasopressin Injection 20 & 40 IU is used to control the frequent urination, increased thirst, and loss of water caused by diabetes insipidus. This is a condition that causes the body to lose too much water and become dehydrated. Vasopressin injection is also used to prevent and treat abdominal or stomach distension that occurs after surgery. It is also used in abdominal or stomach roentgenography.

There are many generic manufacturers in India who manufacture Vasopressin Injection 20 & 40 IU including Health Biotech Pvt Ltd etc.

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Additional Information

Side Effects

Side Effects include


Vomiting, nausea, belching,

Abdominal cramps,

Tremour, pounding headache, vertigo, fluid retention,


Hypersensitivity reaction, sweating,

Urticaria, gangrene, desire to defecate, arrhythmias, bradycardia, angina, MI and bronchoconstriction.
Potentially Fatal: Anaphylaxis; cardiac arrest or shock.

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